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  • Garbage Disposal Repair

  • A garbage disposal makes kitchen cleanup much simpler and easier. Most people use theirs frequently, whether rinsing off plates or disposing of vegetable peelings, but few pay much attention to the disposal. When it stops working, then, it can be quite a surprise. At America’s Appliance Repair, we are here to help.

    Common Garbage Disposal Problems

    Garbage disposals are relatively simple devices, but their function and nature put them at risk for problems. Here are a few of the most common:


    • Leaking
    • Clogged
    • Will not turn on
    • Humming noise


    Can I Fix It Myself?

    Sometimes, depending on the nature of the problem. Before attempting to fix your garbage disposal, remember the cardinal rule: never stick your hand inside. If the disposal should suddenly start working, your hand could easily be shredded.

    Check for such obvious issues as an unplugged disposal or a leaking hose underneath the sink. Try using a broom handle or sink auger to clear clogs. If these simple fixes do not work, though, call in a professional. Garbage disposals mix electricity, water, and extremely sharp spinning blades, so attempting complex repairs on your own could be disastrous.

    Why Should I Choose America’s Appliance Repair?

    America’s Appliance Repair is committed to 100% customer satisfaction across the Austin area. Our handpicked technicians are experts in professional stove and appliance repair. We have a fully stocked warehouse, eliminating most waits for ordered parts. If your garbage disposal needs repair, call us today at (512) 236-5518 to make an appointment.