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  • Stove Repair

  • In the modern world, we tend to take our stoves and ovens for granted. Whether you’re cooking from scratch or heating up a frozen dinner, you probably don’t pay much attention to just how often you use your stove or oven. That is, of course, until there is a problem. Fortunately, there is help.

    Common Stove and Oven Problems

    Whether yours is gas or electric, all parts of the stove and oven are at risk for eventual breakdown. However, some problems are a bit more common than others. Here are just a few of the most common issues:


    • Burners won’t light
    • Oven won’t heat
    • Burners sparking
    • Broiler not working
    • Oven door not sealing


    Can I Fix It Myself?

    It depends. In some cases, a good cleaning is all that is needed. Gently wipe down the non-working part to see if the problem is a simple lack of contact. Also make sure that an electric stove is plugged in, and that the pilot light is lit on a gas stove. Beyond these simple fixes, though, it is best to seek help from a professional. Disassembling your stove or oven is not recommended due to the risk of burns, electrical shorts, gas leaks, and other hazards.

    Why Should I Choose America’s Appliance Repair?

    America’s Appliance Repair is committed to 100% customer satisfaction across the Austin area. Our handpicked technicians are experts in professional stove and appliance repair. We have a fully stocked warehouse, eliminating most waits for ordered parts. If your stove or oven needs repair, call us today at (512) 236-5518 to make an appointment.