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  • Microwave Repair

  • Although they really didn’t catch on for home use until the late 1980s, today microwaves have become part of our daily lives. Whether you cook full meals in the microwave or just use it to heat up snacks and leftovers, you probably pay little attention to this common appliance. When your microwave stops working, though, you might feel like you are at a loss. Fortunately, America’s Appliance Repair is here to help.

    Common Microwave Problems

    Like all small appliances, a microwave can develop problems in any of its numerous parts. However, some issues are more likely to occur than others. Here are a few of the most common:

    Microwave doesn’t heat

    Light bulb not lighting

    Buttons don’t work

    Sparking or arcing

    Turntable stopped turning

    Microwave turns on or off by itself

    Can I Fix It Myself?

    Sometimes a simple fix is all that is required. If your microwave is having issues, start by giving it a thorough cleaning inside and out. Stuck-on food particles and grease can cause sparking, stop the turntable from turning, and even prevent the door from fully closing. If the door doesn’t seal, the microwave’s safety mechanisms may prevent it from working. Another simple possibility is a bad fuse, which is easy to change in many microwaves.

    If these fixes don’t work, though, it is time to call in a professional. Microwaves store electrical power that can lead to a bad shock, even when they are unplugged. Never try to disassemble your microwave on your own.

    Why Should I Choose America’s Appliance Repair?

    America’s Appliance Repair is committed to 100% customer satisfaction across the Austin area. Our handpicked technicians are experts in professional stove and appliance repair. We have a fully stocked warehouse, eliminating most waits for ordered parts. If your microwave needs repair, call us today at (512) 236-5518 to make an appointment.