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  • In Greater Austin, TX residential homes have America’s Appliance Repair to assist them when their many appliances fall short.  Our technicians are expertly trained and experienced to provide our valued customers with high moral standards, family-friendly customer service, and extraordinary repairs.  America’s Appliance Repair is fully licensed and insured to utilize exclusive professional available products, equipment, and tools to enhance our technicians skills and expertise.  With our customers overall experience, you can have our consistent appliance repair service at your fingertips.  Simply store our contact information in your cell phone to reach us quickly and efficiently.  Included in brand named major and minor appliances, America’s Appliance Repair repairs is refrigeration repair.

    Refrigerators play a major role in every one’s life.  It is operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Constantly moving and operating to preserve the food at correctly cooled temperatures.  If the refrigerator is faced with issues, food can spoil and the refrigerator could be rendered useless if gone unrepaired.  To ensure your refrigerator in your Greater Austin, TX home is sufficiently repaired, trust in the professionals at America’s Appliance Repair.  Our experienced and skilled technicians carry a plethora of replacement parts if need be, and will always make repairs accordingly.

    The issues that are inflicting your refrigerator could be any of the following common problems.

                    - Refrigerator isn’t cooling:  There could be a number of problems resulting in the refrigerator not maintaining cool temperatures.  The condenser coils could be heavily built up with dust and debris, preventing them from performing their proper function.  The refrigerator doors seal could be damaged, causing the cool air to leak out, thus making the refrigerator seem like it is not remaining cool.  A faulty thermostat might also be to blame in this problem as well.  The fan could be damaging and not functioning or finally the compressor could be the reason your refrigerator is not maintaining cool temperatures.

                    -  Refrigerator is too cold, causing some areas to freeze:  The thermostat setting may have been jostled, or could be defective.  The circulating fan might have to be replaced due to normal wear and tear as well.

                    -  Refrigerator is making abnormal noises:   A number of reasons could be causing your refrigerator to emit loud and abnormal sounds from your refrigerator.  The compressor and the fan are the usual suspects.  With a number of different circumstances, the fan, or the compressor, or even both are creating the sounds you are hearing, and are in need of repair from America’s Appliance Repair technician.

                    -  Refrigerator is leaking water: The dispenser and drainage pan could be experiencing damage caused by wear and tear.  The drain could be obstructed and need to be cleared.  America’s Appliance Repair can repair any refrigerator leaks.

                    -  Water and/or ice dispenser is malfunctioning:  Again, a multitude of issues can be preventing your water and/or ice dispenser.  A certified and trained expert from America’s Appliance Repair can find the problem to get your water and ice dispenser running sufficiently.

    No matter what your refrigerator is experiencing, America’s Appliance Repair can run a diagnostic and analysis, as well as a thorough inspection to determine the precise problem, and get it quickly resolved and repaired efficiently.  Contact America’s Appliance Repair today to get started!