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  • America’s Appliance Repair is conveniently located in Austin, Texas to improve the residential homeowner’s appliances and enhance an efficiently flowing home.  We are fully licensed and insured to offer our valued customers peace of mind that appliance repair specialists are authentic.  America’s Appliance Repair has a commitment to upholding high moral standards and family-friendly customer service while delivering affordable and premium service execution consistently.  America’s Appliance Repair fully arms our technicians by loading up our company vehicles with a variety of parts specific to appliance and brands, along exclusive professional graded equipment, tools, and products to enhance our own skills and expertise.  All major and minor appliances are easily repaired being trained in all the common brand names, including the appliances found in the laundry room.

    The laundry room appliances in your Greater Austin, TX home needs to be running at full efficiently at all times, especially for those that accommodate large families.  Even a day of an inoperable appliance can put your schedule in ruin.  Laundry room appliances such as; washing machines and dryers require maintenance and repairs for peak performance.  With America’s Appliance Repair in your corner, you know that you have a trusted source in caring for your laundry room’s appliances.

    Washing machines in your Austin, TX and surrounding areas home’s laundry room can experience malfunctions at the most inopportune times.  Leaks, loss of agitation, complete or part power loss, water drainage problems, cycle will not complete, and so on are just some of problems the washing machine can face.  America’s Appliance Repair technicians can make the necessary repairs to get your washing machine back to full working order and get your laundry on track. 

    Dryers placed in the laundry room of your Greater Austin, TX residential home can face their fair share of dilemmas.  If not properly maintained they can be responsible for extreme energy consumption and ignited fires among other problems.  If your dryer is not warming up, drying your clothes on the first cycle, not powering on, or other related problems, America’s Appliance Repair can come to your home and repair the necessary issues quickly and efficiently.  The dryer vents are to be blamed for the most of the dryer deficiency problems and fire ignitions.  Even the most diligent homeowner removing the lint from the lint trap after every load will still get lint and obstructions in the dryer vent.  Ensuring they are cleaned and properly fastened will prevent fires and keep your dryer working appropriately.

    America’s Appliance Repair laundry appliance repair service is extremely proficient in making the necessary repairs to make your washer and dryer fully operational.  Our technicians continue their education and training to increase their abilities and talents and to apply modern technology to their repairing technique.  With our dedication to improving your appliances, you will have superior results every time you need the helping hand of America’s Appliance Repair.  To reach us quickly and conveniently, be sure to store our contact information in your cell phone.  Call us today for your laundry room appliance repair today!