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  • Founded in 1908, as the Upton Machine Company, Whirlpool invented the first electric wringer washer in 1911. The company’s immediate, customer-oriented response to early mechanical failures led to strong success, and thus began a storied journey that continues to this day. Upton Machine merged with the Nineteen Hundred Washer Company in 1929, forming the Nineteen Hundred Corporation.

    Despite the Great Depression, business rose steadily. During World War II, the company switched to producing war materials, but immediately after the war, they began expanding into other appliance lines, inventing quite a few firsts. In 1949, with annual earnings of $3 million, the company changed its name to Whirlpool.

    By the 1970s, Whirlpool had an extensive line of home appliances of all types and sizes. They have long been an industry leader in environmental responsibility, built the first space kitchen, and expanded globally during the 1990s. Whirlpool has acquired a number of other former industry leaders, including KitchenAid and Maytag.

    Today, Whirlpool appliances are well-known for their quality, durability, and longevity. Still, they can occasionally break down, like any appliance. When that happens, America’s Appliance Repair can help.

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    America’s Appliance Repair puts our customers first. We know how frustrating it is for a needed appliance to break down, so we maintain a fully stocked parts warehouse to reduce your wait. Our handpicked team of expert technicians is deeply familiar with Whirlpool appliances, allowing them to complete your repair quickly and professionally. If your Whirlpool appliance needs repair, please call (512) 236-5518 today to schedule a service appointment.